The Wedding of Isabel Segura

February: Since 1997, the inhabitants of Teruel have celebrated one of the most important public holidays of the city: The Wedding of Isabel de Segura. Locals recreate the mediaeval ambiance of that distant thirteenth century. Thousands of residents revive that time of the Lovers of Teruel through street celebrations, a Middle-Ages market, theatre, music, dancing and more. You will experience a medieval atmosphere that almost makes you think you have arrived in the Middle-Ages.


April: There are seven brotherhoods that form the Easter Meeting of the city of Teruel, with their variety of images and habits.
The oldest foundation of broderhoods, the Nuestra Señora de la Villa Vieja and La Sangre de Cristo date back to the 15th century. They accompany the brotherhoods of Jesús Nazareno and Nuestra Señora del Rosario, whose foundation date back to the 18th century, the Caballeros del Santo Sepulcro y Cristo del Amor, Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, Oración de Jesús en el Huerto, Los Caballeros del Descendimiento y María Santísima de las Angustias and Jesús atado a la columna y Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza.
They distinguish eachother not only by the pedestals and the statures they are carrying, some of great artistic value, but also by their habits, their traditions and their fervor of participation in the numerous processions and acts of the Easter Week.

Fiestas del Angel

July: The Patron Saint of Teruel is St. Christopher and the local fiestas are celebrated on the Sunday nearest to St. Christopher's Day (10th July). Teruel loses all its pleasant character that it has during the year and transforms itself into an explosion of diversions, which are characterized by the abundance of bullfighting.

International Fair of Folklore

August: Between the end of August and principles of September, the city welcomes folkloric groups from all around the world. A very colorful and traditional festival of great success.

Ham Fair

September: This fair is celebrated in the month of September and has been developed around its emblematic and international product, the Jamón de Teruel Cured Ham of Teruel. Parallelly to the Fair of the Jamón de Teruel, a fair of Local Quality Products is celebrated, in the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of the city. Just pass by and enjoy this unique gastronomical event.
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