where to invest
Within the ample real estate supply of the province of Teruel, we find some very interesting homes, villas or houses to rehabilitate and properties at very reasonable prices even in urban helmets.
Teruel is very well located in reference to its strategic situation for communication; it is situated only one hour from the airport of Valencia. There is a new project that wants to open a new highway from Cuenca to Madrid which would make its strategic situation even better. The developments of infrastructures in this area are constructed in a very harmonic way; always thinking about the environment and the tourism of course.

Usually an investment in real estate does not need a specific formation or a continued dedication. Thus, the facts confirm us that "the brick investment" year after year and decade after decade is the safest and most profitable. Real estate doesn't crash. Not nationwide. Not without a general crash of everything. And believe me, the stock market, commodities etc. would have gone down the toilet long before. The same stock market writers predicting a real estate crash would be leaping from a ledge.

The reality is that in the last 30 years a reduction of the prices has not been observed. It is certain that there have been periods of stagnation but no reductions of price. A result of it, the nominal price of a house from 1976 has been multiplied by 16.

We conclude saying that the investment in real estate is, of general and long term, a safe and profitable way. To invest in a vacational home or a house of permanent use, in the province of Teruel seems to us a very safe investment.

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